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Ανοίγοντας αυτό το μπουκαλάκι σας πηγαίνει σε ένα ταξίδιαισθήσεων. Τα φυσικά αρώματα της Μαστίχας, του τριαντάφυλλου, του κρόκου , σας πάνε πίσω στη Μινωική εποχή, όταν η Μητέρα Γη προσέφερε πλούσιες ευλογίες.Λίγες σταγόνες με μασάζ ηρεμούν και θρέφουν το δέρμα,προσφέροντας του συστατικά θεραπείας, προστασίας,αναγέννησης. Το σώμα μας έχει την δυνατότητα να αυτοθεραπεύεται, εμείς απλώς το βοηθάμε με τακατάλληλα συστατικά εξωτερικά.Ιδανικό για αναγέννησηκατεστραμμένου δέρματος, γιαακμή, για ώριμο δέρμα, για έκζεμα.100% φυσικό με κύρια συστατικά το λάδι ελίχρυσου, τον κρόκο, την μαστίχα, το τριαντάφυλλο, την αγριελιά.Opening the bottle takes you on a journey to your senses. The natural aromas of Mastiha, Rose and Crocus takes you back to ancient Greece in Minoan times where Mother Earth offered her blessings . A few drops of massage with the serum calm and nurture your skin ,feeding it with the ingredients it needs to heal it, protect it , regenerate it. Your body can heal itself, the serum ads ingredients to assist it.

Regeneration of damaged skin. Ideal for sensitive skin, for acneprone skin, Whether you're dealing with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, ageing skin this serum inspired by ancient Greek beauty recipes will heal your epidermis in a 100% natural way. If you are looking for an original formula, you just found it.


It absorbs quickly leaving no greasy residue. It' s also naturally anti-aging!

It lasts a long time and it can compete with the most expensive world class serums advertised by big companies. I am passionate about this formula.


Ingredient Highlights


Herbs including helichrysum, hibiscus, calendulα, wild rose and 5 essential oils including jasmine and neroli flowers.


Organic Mastiha Oil is packed with antioxidants anti-inflammatory properties. In ancient time its weight was more expensive than gold, regenerates skin, used from Byzantine emprerors to give glow and sun protection to the skin, antibacterial. It is one of the most expensive oils on the planet and it comes from the south part of a Greek island, Chios island, only there! Golden drops.


Organic Rose Oil relieves inflamation and improves the quality of the skin .


Organic Calendula Oil can notably reduce itchiness, while also lessening swelling and redness. Anti-inflammatory.


Organic Wild Olive Oil is very rare and contains high concentrations of vitamins and 10 times more antioxidants than most skincare oils! Stimulates cells and increases skin's elasticity.


Organic Jojoba Oil penetrates the skin deeply and is very rich + moisturizing. It's very similar to the structure of our skin's natural oils.


Organic Crocus Sativus ( Greek Saffron ) famous since antiquity for its eternal youth properties. Cleopatra used it for beauty products. Refreshes skin, treats acne , skin deseases and wounds.


(herbs including helichrysum, hibiscus, calendulα, wild rose and 5 essential oils including jasmine and mastiha )



A few drops on your face and around eyes on wet or dry skin, apply after your moisturizer, massage onto the skin. Ideal seroum for your daily face massage.

30ml/1 oz


Glow Serum/ Ορός προσώπου

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