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Themis is an actor , director, writer, aerialist and filmaker from Greece. She has been involved with theatre from a young age and she had the opportunity to  travel and collaborate with people from all around the world. 

Since a young girl she felt attracted to nature, wildlife, herbs and learning about ancient Greek medicine and mythology. She is a mountain runner, collects herbs, is involved in natural farming and permaculture, as well as seedbomb reforestation and takes care of many stray animals.


The Philosophy

This journey started from a deep love for healthy and natural living and learning about  herbs and beauty recipes  from a very young age . Themilia's Cosmos was created as a means to freedom to support Themis's artistic endevors while being able to keep herself clean from business practices that do not bring honesty and connection to the customer, always remembering that she was a customer of natural beauty products herself and that caring for your face and body brings a deeper connection with yourself and nature, it is a ritual. Passionated with the medicinal properties of Greek herbs and all natural care she insists on the best of ingredients which at the beginning resulted in lesser earnings! it is not another natural cosmetics company as many thousands capitalise on the human need for good quality skincare and aromatherapy but she passionately protected her unique recipes and has been carefull about the origin of the ingredients to originate from natural farming which is the way for real ecollogy as ''organic'' itself does not mean ecollogical or ethical. Every action in our life is a political choice and therefore this company decided to be  transparent and true to the connection with nature and the customer. At the same time it strongly supports natural reforestation practices, many stray animals and the human health in a holistic and honest way.

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